About Project

Welcome aboard the FireFitness. I hope someone is reading this godforsaken page. Well, are you ready to change your life? Preferably for the better! Then we have a lot to talk about. Let’s start with the physical body, then dig into the head. Oh, there’s a lot of crap in there.

Since you’re on our site, you’re probably interested in the following topics:

  • How to lose extra weight and get in fit
  • How to become healthier and nicer
  • How to develop your cognitive abilities
  • How to consolidate the results and constantly improve them in the long run

There are so many topics. Life is complicated and multifaceted. So we will understand how to start a new life, not abandon it in a month, and constantly evolve.

NOTE: Thinking a lot, critically analyzing, and actively moving your brain are necessary. There will be no easy results. No miracle pills and fucking motivations!

So, what are we going to write about?


Health is a comprehensive and complicated issue, and we’re not going to delve into highly specialized topics. But we will write about so-called domestic health in the context of nutrition, about what we can already do today and control ourselves.


Nutrition is a favorite topic we can talk about for a long time. It’s the foundation of the basics of our lives. But, once we get a handle on this issue, life becomes a much better quality of life.


And the most important thing is our thinking. Our brain is our worst enemy and best friend in one person. So let’s figure out how to be friends with it and kick the crap out of our heads. And how to become an open-mind person.